Maybe politicians can't say it

but I can, and I am and I will. My heart goes out to the people of Iran. I'm sitting here in Israel, glued to #iranelection on twitter, can't stop refreshing. I don't know if you'll succeed. I call myself agnostic, but right now I'm praying real hard. I pray for you, I love you, I envy you. I hope nothing will be able to break you down. I can't bring myself to write anything clever about anything now. That can wait to reflection time. I just pray and hope you will succeed, and show all the hypocrites everywhere around the globe the real Iranian threat, the one that they're all so very much scared of – the threat of real democracy.

Good luck

Don't give up

Give us all this hope, this power. The heart of the world is with you.

I posted this on the facebook group"The Green Revolution – I support the Iranian Protesters", and someone sent me this video.

He said: Its time for everyone to know that we spent 30 years keeping our mouths shut because we were scared. Now its time for a change. Iranian People want freedom. Please Pray For Us. This is a video i made..share it with the world and let everyone know how we were treated for 30 years.

So here I am, sharing it with my little world.

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